What are top 3 SEO techniques?

What are top 3 SEO techniques?

Have you ever found yourself asking why some websites appear prominently in search results while others seem lost? Search Engine Optimization, the practice and science of making websites more visible to search engines such as Google, can provide the solution to that question. Organic traffic such as that generated via organic search can provide businesses with invaluable organic growth – but how do we harness its power? What are top 3 SEO techniques?

Pervasive Marketing provides the three top techniques which are surefire ways of taking your search rankings by storm!

1. Content Is King

In SEO, content reigns supreme. Creating high-quality posts that resonate with your target audience acts like a magnet for both search engines and users, drawing in organically and paid traffic. However, more than words will do; Pervasive Marketing’s SEO services can assist with pinpointing keywords related to your niche to help create captivating copy that not only ranks well but educates, entertains or converts site visitors.

Keyword Research for Content Creation

Don’t just guess which words people are using when it comes to keyword research! Make the most out of keyword tools available by finding search terms with high volume but low competition; by strategically including these search terms in your content creation efforts, your chances of being discovered by your ideal audience increase dramatically.

However, SEO shouldn’t just involve stuffing these terms randomly; effective content should naturally integrate these keywords while meeting searcher intent; that means understanding their need and providing it in a direct yet engaging fashion.

2. Establishing Backlink Authority: Establishing Trust

Think of backlinks as votes of confidence for your website. When other high-quality sites link back to you, this tells search engines that the content provided by you is valuable and trustworthy, ultimately strengthening its authority and ranking potential. However, not all links carry equal weight: one link from an established site usually holds more clout than multiple spammy ones.

Backlink Acquisition Without Being Spammy

There are various strategies for earning high-quality backlinks without resorting to spammy techniques. Guest blogging on relevant websites is one way of earning these high-value backlinks; by producing informative, valuable posts for their readers you not only establish yourself as an authority figure but also gain backlinks as an added benefit. Infographics or shareable content also can naturally attract backlinks as people link back to it as sources of knowledge or news.

3. Technical SEO Is an Essential Element

Technical SEO may not seem glamorous, but it plays a pivotal role in any effective SEO strategy. Technical SEO refers to all technical elements impacting search engine crawlability and user experience on websites – here are two aspects you need to keep an eye on:

Website Speed: Imagine waiting patiently for your webpage to load like watching paint dry – search engines prefer fast-loading websites! Pervasive Marketing’s SEO services can assist in speeding up websites for maximum user experiences and smooth user journeys.

Mobile-Friendliness: As mobile device usage rises exponentially, being responsive across devices has become ever more essential. Google prefers sites which provide seamless experiences across devices.

By making sure your website is technically sound and user-friendly, you create a positive experience for both search engines and visitors – ultimately strengthening SEO efforts.

The Bottom Line

Content, backlinks and technical SEO make up the holy trinity of successful SEO. By mastering these three techniques you can harness organic traffic for website growth on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO may seem like an ongoing effort but its rewards of increased visibility and website traffic far outweigh its costs!

Connect with Pervasive Marketing now, so we can explain our SEO services and show how they can help your search rankings skyrocket!

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