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What are the 7 types of digital marketing services?

Digital technology has revolutionized marketing. Gone are the days of traditional ads; businesses of all sizes now must use an effective digital strategy in place to target audiences effectively, build recognition among target customers, and drive sales. This leads to the question: What are the 7 types of digital marketing services?

At first, digital marketing may appear daunting with so many tactics and channels at your disposal; here we outline seven essential digital marketing services that can help your brand flourish online:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Your website could be likened to a gem hidden away within an immense digital library, yet SEO service allows it to rise above other content as far as rankings for relevant keywords go in search engine results pages – increasing both its visibility and driving organic traffic from potential customers actively searching for products/services like yours.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM offers another approach, one centred around paid advertisements like pay-per-click advertising where you bid on keywords to display at the top of SERPs and boost targeted traffic to your website or landing pages more directly than SEO can achieve. SEM allows for highly specific audiences that drive immediate visits directly.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing services in today’s digital environment reign supreme, providing your brand with valuable, informative, and entertaining material across channels like blogs, articles, infographics, videos and social media posts that position it as an industry thought leader while simultaneously informing its target audience and building trust between supporters of its brand and your organization.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer an effective means for you to connect directly with your target audience on an emotional level. Social media management involves producing engaging content, building community around your brand, running ads on these channels, and having meaningful discussions among your followers – which in turn boosts brand recognition, drives traffic directly to your website, generates leads, and builds lasting customer relationships.

5. Email Marketing

Social media remains one of the primary tools available for digital marketers; however, email is also one of the most potent. Email allows businesses to nurture leads, build relationships with existing customers and reach targeted groups directly for product or service promotion. Developing engaging email campaigns containing rich content can increase conversion rates significantly while simultaneously expanding sales significantly.

6. Mobile Marketing

With increasing numbers of people turning to smartphones and tablets as they make life more convenient, mobile marketing has become an essential strategy for brand expansion. Mobile strategies like SMS advertising, app promotion and website redesign for mobile use ensure you always remain top of mind for customers when engaging them on mobile phones – keeping your brand available when needed to them directly!

7. Marketing Automation

Coordinating multiple digital channels can be time-consuming. Marketing automation offers an effective solution by automating tasks such as email campaigns, social media scheduling and lead nurturing to free up more of your time for planning strategic goals and content development.

Build an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

Now that you understand the seven essential digital marketing services, your next step should be creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This should involve:

Target Audience Identification: Identifying who your desired target audiences are is vital when crafting content to effectively reach them and selecting channels suitable for promotion.

Establish Clear Goals and Objectives: What goals would you like your digital marketing efforts to accomplish, such as increased brand recognition, lead generation or increasing sales?

Selecting an Effective Mix of Services: Not all services will prove equally effective for your brand; select those which best align with its audience, goals, and budget.

Tracking and Analyzing Data: To accurately gauge the success of your campaigns and make any needed adjustments based on this analysis. Keep track of key performance indicators. Make changes based on this analysis as necessary.

Pervasive Marketing: Your Partner in Digital Success

At Pervasive Marketing, we understand the difficulties faced in the digital world and offer affordable digital marketing services designed to help businesses meet their business goals and stay ahead of competitors.

Our experienced professionals can assist in developing custom strategies, developing engaging content, optimizing websites for search engines, running effective campaigns across digital channels, and web design in Texas!

Call or visit today to discuss your digital marketing requirements, and find out how we can empower your brand to dominate online environments. Together we can devise an effective digital strategy that propels forward!

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